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api-docs / org.ktorm.support.sqlite / bulkInsert


fun <T : BaseTable<*>> Database.bulkInsert(
    table: T,
    block: BulkInsertStatementBuilder<T>.(T) -> Unit
): Int
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Bulk insert records to the table and return the effected row count.

The usage is almost the same as batchInsert, but this function is implemented by generating a special SQL
using SQLite’s bulk insert syntax, instead of based on JDBC batch operations. For this reason, its performance
is much better than batchInsert.

The generated SQL is like: insert into table (column1, column2) values (?, ?), (?, ?), (?, ?)....


database.bulkInsert(Employees) {
item {
set(it.name, "jerry")
set(it.job, "trainee")
set(it.managerId, 1)
set(it.hireDate, LocalDate.now())
set(it.salary, 50)
set(it.departmentId, 1)
item {
set(it.name, "linda")
set(it.job, "assistant")
set(it.managerId, 3)
set(it.hireDate, LocalDate.now())
set(it.salary, 100)
set(it.departmentId, 2)


table - the table to be inserted.

block - the DSL block, extension function of BulkInsertStatementBuilder, used to construct the expression.

the effected row count.

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