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What’s Ktorm?

Ktorm is a lightweight and efficient ORM Framework for Kotlin directly based on pure JDBC. It provides strong-typed and flexible SQL DSL and convenient sequence APIs to reduce our duplicated effort on database operations. All the SQL statements, of course, are generated automatically. Ktorm is open source and available under the Apache 2.0 license, and its code can be found on GitHub. Please leave a star if you’ve found this library helpful: kotlin-orm/ktormGitHub Stars


  • No configuration files, no XML, no annotations, even no third-party dependencies, lightweight, easy to use.
  • Strong typed SQL DSL, exposing low-level bugs at compile time.
  • Flexible queries, fine-grained control over the generated SQLs as you wish.
  • Entity sequence APIs, writing queries via sequence functions such as filter, map, sortedBy, etc., just like using Kotlin’s native collections and sequences.
  • Extensible design, write your own extensions to support more operators, data types, SQL functions, database dialects, etc.


Quick Start

Setting up Ktorm and starting up.


Use the strong-typed and flexible query DSL after defining table schemas.

Entity Sequence

Obtain entities via sequence APIs after column bindings configured.

API Documents

API documents for Ktorm's classes and functions.