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api-docs / org.ktorm.global / insertAndGenerateKey


fun <T : BaseTable<*>> T.insertAndGenerateKey(
    block: AssignmentsBuilder.(T) -> Unit
): Any
(source code)

Construct an insert expression in the given closure, then execute it and return the auto-generated key.

This function assumes that at least one auto-generated key will be returned, and that the first key in
the result set will be the primary key for the row.


val id = Employees.insertAndGenerateKey {
set(it.name, "jerry")
set(it.job, "trainee")
set(it.managerId, 1)
set(it.hireDate, LocalDate.now())
set(it.salary, 50)
set(it.departmentId, 1)


block - the DSL block, an extension function of AssignmentsBuilder, used to construct the expression.

the first auto-generated key.